the Potential of Humanity.


Open the door to a future where global mobility is
democratized and anyone can be anywhere, anytime,

Our unique avatar technology helps the world transcend distance, time, and physical limitations to transport human presence and necessary skills to where they are needed, when they are needed.
By making this a globally shared capability, it will enable us to find new collaborative solutions to tackle the complex issues facing our communities and the world.

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Product & Service

Unlock the full potential of your team and community with avatarin.

Our avatarin platform will allow you to share robots to move presence and skills to where they are needed.
This opens new opportunities for value creation that transcend the constraints of geographic location and time. We believe our solution can help address regional and global challenges ranging from workforce shortages to democratic access to specialized services and expertise.

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avatarin’s Technology

One brain many robots.

avatarin’s technology is used in our flagship communication robot, newme, and includes several key features that make it unique.

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Join Our Team

Join us in bringing avatarin's vision for the future to life!

We're a global team of passionate individuals working together to push the boundaries of avatar technology and bring new experiential value to the world. Join us and help us make a positive impact!

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